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Your guide to building in the Kingdom of Sweden.


Residential Construction See’s Highs and Lows

Residential Construction See’s Highs and Lows

Sverige Bygger, an aggregator of registered construction projects in Sweden reports that the volume of started housing projects in Stockholm has shrunk by 36% over the last 12 months, an estimated value of 10 billion Swedish kronor (1.1 billion USD). Out of all...

From idea to reality.

Permits and Processes

To build in Sweden one must have an understanding of the building permit process. It is a procedure with many different moving parts that come into play throughout the entire construction process. This page explains in general terms some of the most important concepts in that process.

Law of the Land

Aside from the national building code there are several pieces of legislation that govern how construction must be conducted in Sweden. This page provides a rundown of those that are most important to be aware of.

Key People

Swedish building legislation defines several roles that are necessary for a construction project to be completed in a safe and appropriate matter. These roles also bear certain responsibilities and may require certain certifications. Some positions are mandatory by law, it is for that reason that it is important to understand the differences and responsibilities that each role entails.

Why building Sweden?

Building Sweden is an initiative by Svarking AB to provide accurate English information about building in Sweden. Drawing from our international expertise and extensive knowledge of construction in Sweden we are confident that we can provide the services necessary to turn your concept into reality.

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